Artist: Meridian

                                                          Artwork: Blown

What are the Goals of

  • Create the most fully-encompassing showcase for all urban-related/Hiphop artistic mediums which currently include rap songs, Hiphop beats, artwork, and poetry.
  • Provide a network of resources for artists, producers, and rappers alike. Including a listing of valuable contacts, such as record labels, studios renting studio-time, and links to useful organizations like ASCAP.
  • Create a marketplace for artist of all mediums to sell their work, purchase products related to their field, such as MPCs(producers), studio time (MCs), art supplies(visual artists).
  • Provide news and entertainment. Now this isn't the typical gossip that you maybe use to from your other favorite rap site, but more of a collection of interesting articles and commentary related to Hiphop and Urbania in general. We'll cite some of our own personal favorite websites and are welcome to submissions from our viewers.
  • The #1 online radio stream for "under the underground" artist. This means rappers and producers will be in rotation with others of their stature, to give the best representation of how good your music is. We do not play mainstream releases, nor releases from major labels. We expect to have labels listening to the stream, using it as a recruiting ground.


Where did come from? is owned and operated by Creating Foundations, LLC, established in 2004. The idea of came about while a couple of friends were contemplating the problems with the way distribution of music is set-up in the US, and how we could make money on the internet. Not to mention, we were extremely annoyed by our local radio station's regular rotation (emphasis on "regular"). Slowly, we put two-and-two together. The idea for was then birthed. First, we thought of being a music distribution source - where artist could submit their music, we would produce CDs to be sold online or shipped back to artist (See: Backburner), while also having an online radio station with a large variety of undiscovered artist.

We realized that there was a much larger need that was only being partly addressed - undiscovered rappers and producers outside of urban centers didn't have any real access to the proper channels to get there music heard. Then, there was an emergence of SoundCick and MySpace sites. These sites provided places for artists to have listeners check for their music, but we felt that wasn't enough.


How can benefit me?

Have you ever gone to a concert and enjoyed the opening act more than the headliner? From the listener's standpoint, this can be a pleasant surprise that leads to a newly found favorite act. So, are main focus here at is to provide exposure and assistance for these talented underground/unknown artist. We do this through our radio station, artist pages/links,  and flash players. We also provide a place for artist to sell there products(cds,mp3,etc.). We also travel around promoting the site and the artist music on the site, which can provide great exposure.

We DO NOT throw everything we get into rotation here at We look for quality in the content and creation of the music. We believe that there are plenty of phenomenal artist out there( probably better that what we see in the mainstream) that can't get a break because of image or other things.

We've expanded this concept to other artist mediums beyond Hiphop songs and beats. We've added areas for artwork, poetry and spoken word, as well as other types of music.


What will do for me?

There are a couple of ways you can look at One is an alternative to or a complement to your SoundClick/MySpace pages. We can either create an artist profile including you onto our artist page listings. We can also have your artist page listing linked to your site, whether you have SoundClick/My Page or an individual website. We can also help sell your music.

The other way to look at is as showcase of raw undiscovered talent with a radio station filled with hot tracks that you probably only heard here. The #1 "Under the Underground" Radio Station.


How do I contact to submit my Work?

Hiphop artist:

To get info on how to get your songs on here contact us at and we will send it    to you. We have different options you can take advantage of and all of it will be explained in the email. If you have to contact us by mail we will get back to you that way, but really you need to step it up and get an email account.


Beat creators, the message is the same as above except contact us by email at

Visual Artist:

Makers of visual expressions, ditto! Just send emails to


Phone: 215.462.1495 (Might take a little while, but we will call you back.)

Mailing: If you have to use the wonderful american mailing system to send us anything( cds, info),

                just send it to:

                                              P.O. Box 25063

                                              Philadelphia, PA 19147 


Where do I  send my lawyer?


Legal Crap: Right here!


MySpace: Right here!