Even coal, when subjected to a sufficient amount of pressure for enough time will revolutionize into a diamond. Mannrock- arguably the most potent lyricist to ascend from the belly of Jersey- has endured the gravity of life's burdens since the Carter cabinet was in office, and is ready to apply that same pressure to the music industry; revolutionizing it into a buffet where the real starving artist can eat. He aggressively asserts that “I've been patient and watched... the time is on us… MANNROCK!!! I've been appointed to rein and anoint the game- Light flame… point it and aim, then blast at he… ALL after me is blaspheme… let's put it casually; Rappers are ass to me!” This explains his perspective on “The Game”. “My style is abstinence… I don't give a fuck about anything they have to say, aint nothing left to talk about”.

Jersey's Mann child says that his music is influenced by life, as he knows it… From his Brokin upbringing to his grind through college to secure a future for his daughters, to his status as an active duty soldier in Bush's military and everything else that has a significant emotional impact on his existence. “Things that I can see and feel; every experience that touches my soul goes into my music”. This is evident when listening to any of Rock's music, from the catchy “Nasty Girl” club joints to the more intimate joints like his “Lay me Down” (Both songs found on the Brokin Home Project.) “Many rappers will say anything, or reinvent themselves into false images and gimmicks to get picked up, but I am an artist… true to myself! (If I spit it then I lived it and saw it and did it and never got caught, or been acquitted for it) I have a gift… I can manipulate words to forge a cognitive image and touch the emotions of my listeners…”