Terryphunk is an exclusive artist at Phunk Records. He works along side Ghostface of the Wu Tang Clan, among respected others. You might know him from his custom designed art piece inside "The Pretty Toney Album" released by Ghostface in April of 2004. In the summer of 2004, Phunk toured with Ghostface and the Theodore Unit on the Projekt Revolution Tour covering the continental United States with the likes of Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, Korn, The Used, and Less Than Jake. Terryphunk.com, which is controlled by Phunk Records, has received over 100,000 unique website hits since January of this current year.

   Terryphunk and his "youmightknowmeasthabiggkidd" album reaches a vast audience of all backgrounds, hip hop, to rockrap, to new age. Terryphunk blends Wu-Tang Styles, Beastie Boy influences, Adult swim humor, and love for toys into a 14 track joy ride. This is Terryphunk's first solo album, which was produced by DIS-ONE, he has also appeared and produced Dirty Verbalz Heavy Phonics album, and Graffiti Rap Music Mix tape Vol. 1. You may have also seen him interviewed by thebrilliance.com earlier this year. Phunk Records is producing the album and is handling all of the distribution. The albums are listed on soundscan, and include a promotional sticker on the wrapping. The suggested retail price is $9.99. Looking to release the album globally with concentration in the Northeast United States. The album is currently for sale at Tower Records and selected Sam Goody locations.