Tangled Thoughts have been together as a group since 2000. Cas and De met back in Seattle, where they both attended high school. The two were friends, and after competing in various competitions and freestyle battles, the boys earned the title as "The Top MC's" around there way.

   After graduation, Cas returned to his hometown of Philadelphia for vacation. Cas was on South street in a cypher when a friend introduced him to producer/MC Tekneek (Tek). The two quickly vibed and immediately began creating tracks.

   Within the next month, Cas collaborated with Tek. Once De heard the tracks it was a wrap, they were anxious to begin their career. They were so motivated in fact, that after only two semesters of college, they packed their belongings and decided to move to Philly for good. Cas and De took a three and a half day ride on a bus all in pursuit of their dreams.

   Once they arrived they met with Tek and began calling themselves "Tangled Thoughts." The first two years were rough. The squad went through different studios, sounds, management, and equiptment,etc. The group continued to stay focus despite their struggles and they finally found there nitch in 2003 when they recoreded the song "Modern Day Rock." The track contained live guitar mixed with traditional Hip-Hop drums, and was blessed with creative lyrics. then the group teamed up wit DJ No Phrills who was well known around the streets of Philadelphia. The new addition to the group gave Tangled Thoughts a cutting edge and allowed them to appeal to a diverse audience.

   Shortly after, the group began peforming at the Theater of the Living Arts (TLA), and at Abilene bar on South Street, where they have been for the last two years.

   In the past year and a half the squad has shared the stage with artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Raekwon, Dead Prez, Ja Rule, Common, Method Man, M.O.P., Dialated Peoples, LL Cool J., The Roots, The Youngbloodz, Vanilla Ice, The Black Eyed Peas, Blackalicious, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and many more. Also they were apart of the And 1 mixtape tour.

   Today Tangled Thoughts are doing their best to broaden their fan base and working hard on there music. Their goal is to make music that touches people from all walks of life, and still keep it true 2 themselves.