Sunz of Soul is a pure, hip-hop group, a creative brand of hip-hop music and an authentic hip-hop sound that embodies the spirit of the quiet storm that will be known years from now as the hip-hop renaissance period. The group consists of Black Mamba, and Jewels. Both members are D.C. area natives and are interchangeable parts that work in unison to keep their brand of hip-hop innovative and edgy while keeping samples tantalizingly ambiguous to the naked ear.

   The sound is what the name Sunz of Soul was born from in that itís intrinsically soulful. It is music and words that the listener can feel, from a mental and rhythmic standpoint. One does not only hear The Sunz of Soul sound but they experience it. The soulfulness literally permeates your speakers and envelops your eardrum. Black Mamba and Jewels provide listeners with acoustic vision.

   The Sunz of Soul brand of music takes a page from the glory days of hip-hop in which creative samples and original melodies were utilized, Ice was not the material item de jour, and young ladies were genuine people instead of scantily clad distractions intended to compensate for a lack of true skills. The Sunz takes it back to the days of digging in the crates and emcees respecting each other for skills not Sound Scan numbers, material possessions, or manufactured gangsterí imagery. The sound could be described as timeless in that itís daring, original and gimmick free.

   The CD -- The Situation is the debut album from Sunz of Soul. It could best be described as -- thumping substantive sonic urban rhythms that aptly and completely encapsulate D.C. life. The project serves as the perfect soundtrack for the D.C. experience. Original, thought provoking, searing lyrical hot rocks from emcee Blak Mamba meshed with a barrage of soul-stirring acoustic grenades from producer Jewels.