It started out as crush, but it soon transgressed into a love affair that was so intense, it took over his soul. Special grew an appreciation for music at a young age. It all started with a boombox and an MC Hammer Tape. "It may seem cheesy", Special has remarked, "But this music, was sort of like a father to me". Indeed his roots in the hip hop culture are evident when one takes a listen to his music. With influences from the likes of Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest, Special is ready to make his mark on the music industry.

   Special grew up in Ottawa, Canada's capital in the 80's. He was an only child, with an affinity for arts and poetry. At the age of 10, he met his producer, and business partner J.C, and the two began their journey into the industry. J.C began making beats, and Special began to script out lyrics. Early on, however, J.C's beats were below lack luster, and Special had little to no idea of how to construct songs properly. They built a foundation and expanded their skills well into their high school years, when Special began to utilize his high school's studio to record tracks. After high school, Special moved to Canada's mega city, Toronto, for university, with the hopes of pursuing a career in the industry.

   During his first year in the city, he formed an alliance with fellow emcee, and high school friend, Theiven Stealburg, and after a few years of work together, the two, along with J.C formed Low Pro Entertainment. Special began to network the label, garnering some US radio spots, and a handful of mixtape appearances worldwide. He also created a theme song for New Jersey based clothing company, Blackmarket Clothing, and was featured on 106th and Park hall of fame winner Big Will's official mixtape.

   His most important connection, however, came when he met with Toronto based emcee Truezt. Meeting over message boards, the two began to collaborate on some demo material, and even garnered some radio play, and attention from players in the hip hop community. Unimpressed with label woes, Truezt decided to form Iron Curtain Records in 2006, and formed a close alliance with Low Pro Entertainment, making J.C his main producer. J.C went on to produce a several of Truezt's notable singles, including "Write" featuring JD Era and "No Matter" feat. Kash.

   As an artist, Special has worked with many artists and producers worldwide, and is definitely on the road to greatness. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his new project, and working on networking and strengthening his label, and getting ready to introduce the world to his story, and the world as seen through his eyes. "Common used to love her" says Special with a grin, "I do, have and always will".