Originally inspired by Run DMC, close friends, and family, Q.G. entered the entertainment world at the young age of 12. He began his career singing in the church choir. He later joined his school choir and band were he began to learn how to play the saxophone and drums.

   In 1993, Q.G. left the music world to go to college and prepare for unexpected but welcomed fatherhood. Q.G. remained in the music industry purely as a socialite, and built many working relationships with several MC's, DJ's and Producers. Staying with his god given talents he studied and mastered his musical skills. Through the inspiration of fellow M.C.'s, Q.G. soon began plotting the re-emergence of his career. In 2003, he started his own record label called Shackled Down Productions (www.shackleddownpro.com/www.html) to help publish and release his own material. Through hard work and an unbreakable spirit, Q.G. developed a heavy buzz on the local circuit as the most anticipated yet unheard MC in the local game.

   With his underground sound yet commercial appeal, Q.G worked steadily to provide local mix tape and compilation DJ's with his work. As an artist, his goal was to perfect and release the material he has accumulated over the past 10 years. With the local buzz behind him and a hunger that needed to be feed, Q.G. released his first solo CD entitled: Unpackaged Product. The freshmen CD got great reviews but fell short of success due to poor finances and distribution. Yearning for success, he took a step back and began focusing on the business aspect of the game. With a working knowledge of the business, he then re-focused his energy and buried himself deep in the studio. Six months later he immerged with a phenomenal yet fresh sound that was sure to be hot. Still unable to acquire the appropriate funding, he began hustling the CD in the streets, outside of clubs, and on the Internet. This massive effort proved successful.

   In January of 2005 the Promotion Company Mic Masters, out of Cleveland Ohio, caught wind of the hard-hitting CD on www.CDbaby.com. Through e-mails and phone conferences they began discussing possible promotional strategies to get the CD more exposure. With a unified vision they started dispersing promotional material through out the streets of Cleveland. After igniting an interest in the public they staged several local store appearances. This showed demand for the product and more of Q.G. witch prompted several live performances.

    Most recently Q.G. has been focusing his strengths as a performance artist lending his talents to the TV & Radio world via live talk show's and performances. He aired on Adelphia TV Stations regional program entitled: Cleveland's Rhyme & Rhythm, which aired his 30-minute performance, Live at the Robin's Nest. He also did a live Radio interview show for WCSB 89.3, Urban Lullabies Hosted by DJ A.

   Some of his upcoming projects include the release of a compilation entitle: The Hostile Takeover Network Presents: Turn it up Vol 1, and Shackled Down Productions Presents: OH10 Vol 1 He attributes his strength to move forward in his career to his family, friends, and fans. His talent has been compared to the likes of Eric Sermen and Bun-B -which he says "...is the utmost of compliments to be even be put in a similar category".



 Q.G. Unpackaged Product Released 2003

Q.G. Hav'en Major Things Released 2004/2005

Shackled Down Productions Presents MixTape Murda Released 2006