Premise was born in Philly in '83. He lived there all of his life, and his parents divorced in '85. So for young Prem, there were always two homes, and two neighborhoods to roam. Music has always been a huge part of his life. It's in his blood since his father started playing the drums when he was 13, and always had studio equipment in the crib. Over the years, Prem grew to love HipHop, started writing when he was 14 and then dropped an album in 2002 after starting his production company, Straight-N-Narrow Productions in 2001. Beats just seemed to come to him when he sat down to learn.

   He graduated from Pitt with a degree in Communications and Psychology, but still pursues music 24/7. For those who need production, we'd be happy to work with you. For the people who just stumbled across this page, please set your homepage to Prems website and remember: Define yourself, don't follow a leader.