Coming to you live, itís P Live a.k.a. Isaiah Perkins. Heís bred on the streets of the D  Detroit for those of you that donít know. When he started performing, he needed a name for himself and every time he stepped to the mic, they said he was live. It had a nice ring to it. So with that he went from just being P to becoming P Live. Heís believed to be the second coming. Born out of the cipher and the battlegrounds of Detroitís streets, heís come to offer a rebirth of rap at the tender age of twenty-one.

   Itís the crowd that got him hooked and itís the crowd he hooks when he spits on the mic. Around school, he was the man to meet in the bathroom and hallways. Back then P Live was just having fun, enjoying the crowdís comparisons of him to likes of Jay-Z. He remembers, ďThey were comparing me to one of the top dawgís in the game. I was like whoa.Ē

   Heís been rapping for about six years, but inside the cipher he lives to be the one they want to see. One day he found himself chilling and writing out songs. Soon a song became an arsenal& an arsenal that wiped out most of his local competition. He made the final round of the Roc-A-Fella Recordsí Rock the Mic battle in 2004. During Rock the Mic, P Live found his rhythm with the crowd. Listening to P Live is like listening to poetry& you just have to listen. His style was so intimidating that when Roy Jones Freestyle Battle came to town, it was cancelled after no one would step to him. The crowd erupted with all eyes on P Live, when he stepped on stage. ďIt felt more like a showcase than a battle,Ē he remarks.

   All that attention could go to a manís head with scouts saying labels want to sign him. Somehow, it hasnít. Maybe the answer is in him being raised by a single mother and his grandmother. He remembers where he came from and that there is a bigger picture, a picture involving his family as well as his crew, the Ghostryders.

   With aspirations of owning his own label, he has landed at Protekted Records, a hometown label where heís presented with an enticing problem. His only problem now is producing a great hip hop album to satisfy his legion of Battle Rap fans. It doesnít seem like such a tall order for the laid back kid from Detroitís East Side. Heís seen both sides of the fence and now heís ready to for the public to know that he is coming to you live, as P Live that is.