A lot of these begin with stories about musicians who have been friends since 3rd grade or went to the same high school or were former cellmates or whatever, but the story of how Order Sixty-Six came to be is a little different.

  In fact, founding members So-Say and Jason Griffin were not childhood friends, nor did they go to the same high school, and they definitely did not share a cell. As a matter of fact, they completed their first four songs before ever meeting in person!

  Their paths collided in January 2005 when Griffin, living in Chicago, posted a classified ad online in hopes of finding MCs interested in rhyming on his beats. Although he received several responses, he felt “a majority of these guys are totally unmotivated…no dedication or work ethic....just plain lazy,” says Griffin.“Too many of them just want the glory without putting in any of the work. That's why Sos and I worked so well together from the start- it was like, I sent him that first beat, and like two days later he sent it back completely finished.”

  The song, “Foot In The Mouth” is on their debut album, due out in Fall 2006. “We innovate,” says So-Say. “We don't want to do the same shit that cats on the radio are doing. me and Griff, it's like we just want to make heads nod, asses shake and minds think, you know?” Who ever said long-distance relationships can't work?