With Blake9 on the beats, and the cuts plus Comel_15 ( Time Machine ) on the microphone these two are laying down some undeniable raw energy full-flavored hip-hop. Blake9 and Comel_15 meet over at Time Machine member Jaysonic's house during the winter of 2000. Jay and Blake were playing back some tracks they had been working on for a couple of days. Comel_15 just happened to be at the house that evening and over heard the sounds from the living room couch. He took interest in one of Blake's beats. Well, that beat happened to be the first single for producer Blake9's then independent record label, Irish Carbomb Music.

   “Say what” dropped in July of 2000 and was successful in distributing its first pressing of five hundred units. Six months later, another pressing of five hundred units and a licensing deal for “Say What” through UK label Puma Strut the duo realized that they might have some musical chemistry and continued to work together. Having released two 12-inch records under the name Nine:Fifteen , they continue to break the barriers of hip hop music.