Mazy was borned in the north of Sweden in 1977 and was living on her own in Stockholm at the age of 16. When she appeared on the "Alla talar svenska" compilation in 1998 she became the first female mc in history to rap and release anything in Swedish ever. However, Mazy soon decided to focus on writing songs in English instead and signed to the publisher Jimmy Fun. Mazy recieved critical interest and attention in the Swedish media ( SVT Rapport Morgon, Z-TV, Vecko-Revyn, Svendetta, Damernas Varld, P3 Soul etc ) before she even released a demo, but Mazy never signed with a major label.

   Mazy has never been interested in compromising her raw style or her lyrics which led to her signing off from Jimmy Fun in 2001, and instead decided to release the debut EP " Beats N Therapy" with the Czech underground label Bbarak. The same year Mazy was the headlining act at the infamous Hiphop Kemp in Czech Republic.

   Her lyrics has been published in books such as "Ord fran Moder Svea" and she has been holding lectures about rap and writing rhymes at Kulturhuset and Fryshuset in Stockholm. Today Mazy lives in London and has appeared on several compilations and mixtapes in Sweden, Europe and the states. Her reputation keeps growing. At the moment Mazy is working on her new EP that will be released in 2006.


Mixtapes and Compilations:
Alla talar svenska, Returmusik/Border (1998) , Digging in the Swedish underground, (1999), The Dutch Swedish connection, (2002), Dj Silence, Rimslakt, (2002) Soundappeal volume 1, (2004) , Mekano, Double Cream, Pay Per Bag Records, (2004) , Duggud, Sooner then Later LP, Nothin but skillz inc, (2004), Nothing But Skillz mixtape, Nothin but skillz inc. (2005), Enfentee's All Female Mixtape - The X Chromosones Vol. 2, X9Records, 2005

Albums and Eps:
Beats N Therapy EP, Bbarak (2001) , Digableistic, Digable album, Pay Per Bag Records (2004)

Speadfreaks Downhill DVD (Germany) ,Perfect Combination-Conquer Album(2005)elQpe productions/GAU Records