The group MLS consists of 2 emcees. These 2 emcees, Monotone & Lou Slug have been dubbed a "Dynamic Duo" over the past 3 years. The two come from different backgrounds but fuse nicely together. Slug was born and raised in London, England. Slug didn't grow up listening to hip hop, but once he moved to the States, he fell in love with the artform. Slugga credits his man introduction to hip-hop when he heard Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" album but was motivated to emcee when he heard C.R.E.A.M. by the Wu-Tang Clan. Slugga has also worked with another emcee/producer on the rise, Ackrite, who is rumored to be the new addition to M.L.S. Mono grew up singing in the church, but found his passion for hip hop soon after. Both have the same influences and great taste.

    Some of the groups influences are the Wu-Tang Clan, ATCQ, Canibus, Talib,Common, Mos Def, Busta, Mobb Deep, Strong Arm Steady, Gang Starr, Pete Rock and many others. Mono and Slug have had the opportunity to showcase their talents along side recording artists such as De La Soul, Dialated Peoples, Dress (of Black Sheep), The Coup, Spearhead, Soul Clap, Tristate of One Session/Buford State and many others. The two known as M.L.S. also perform on the college circut. This two man group sis known for their usage of metaphors and style through streamlined east coast patterns and west coast laid tracks.