Born and raised in the inner city, Lawman Dia has been widely referred to as the most talented well-rounded artist of his time. With influences from Eastcoast, Westcoast, and Down South artist, LMD has incorporated a style like no other. With the combination of street smarts and book smarts, LMD has always been able to captivate the street audience in a way that all Hip-Hop intellectuals could appreciate. LMD is known for his complicated metaphors that are amazingly simple enough for everyone to understand. If you are tired of listening to the same repetitive bullcrap most Hip-Hop artists have been distributing lately, your wait is over. Lawman Dia Is here to sooth your ears with real music. After astonishing the block, the neighborhood, and the entire city of Chicago, LMD fiercely awaits his opportunity to astonish the World.