In a world where it is said that Hip-Hop is dead, and where commercial rap has assassinated any presidential position it once held in Urban Culture. Only one is able to rise above the lyrical depression and prove himself the better candidate. Armed with content rich lyrics, a MPC, and the mission to be the leader of the revolution; Lanigiro is poised to be claimed Hip-Hopís presidential elect.

   For many, passed experiences manipulate the individual outlook on life. For others negative, for Lanigiro the outcome was better then worst. Deeply affected by the absence of his father, he began to express his feelings through a pen. Having to deal with the world and the pain of life lessons, music became his passion and guidance {Comforting him through life adversities}. With the ability to paint pictures with lyrical content the world and the pain became very clear to him. Music became his therapy, his scene of relief, a way to let go of the things inside that was causing him discomfort. Realizing that there are two sides to every story, he was later fascinated by instrumental composition of production. First dissecting the songs that featured his favorite rappers, he grew a strong scene to detail and an original style that could not be mimicked. From that point on it was history in the making.

   Gradually piecing together the future of a Hip-Hop revolutionist, only one thing remained. One night while having dinner with his mother, he started scribbling at the dinner table. Later reviewing what he Pre-associated wrote, he began to pronounce Lanigiro (lanin-juh-row) original spelled backwards. The name added the perfect element he needed to identify and represent himself on his quest to gain leadership in Hip-Hop.