What does it mean to be a “legend?” Is it a term we use too loosely today? Flashback to Chicago; 1991. A group called Ten Tray gave Chicago what it sorely needed. An image of an emcee representing Chicago on the national level. An emcee with a message that inspired a generation of cats to step their game up. In 2005, with hip-hop in mortal danger, the legend has returned. Jitu tha Juggernaut is back and leaving wak, mild sauce emcees in his wake with the NECESSARY INGREDIENTS to once again, make these studs step their game up. Or get the hell out of the batters box.

   Jitu is an African name, given to him in 1995 meaning “A giant among men.” Jitu is a youth program coordinator and community organizer on the south side of Chicago. He swarmed the game in 2002, entering battles and open mics. Leaving crowds in a state of disbelief, Jitu has humbled emcees all over the country, blending a once in a lifetime voice with an expansive vocabulary and ferocious delivery. On the underground, many call him the best they have ever heard! A short look at his accomplishments:
• 1986-Winner of “Battle of Chicago Rappers” at El Rukn Fort
• 1989-2nd Place-“Battle of Chicago Rappers”
• 1989-Formed “New World Order” along with Cashus D of the Universal Zulu Nation, to organize rappers, dancers, singers and dj's in Chicago. Was the largest such organization in the country with over 200 members.
• 1989-Organized, with Dr. Groove (Source Magazine) and DA Smart, a massive hip-hop community protest of the opening of “Sarafina” at the Regal Theatre for refusing to recognize DA after he won a national talent competition with his rap, “Black People ain't Prejudiced, They Just Mad.” They recognized DA as the winner of the contest.
• 1991-With group Ten Tray, signed to Smash Polygram records to become the first rap act in Chicago on a major label.
• 1992-Appeared on Rap City, The Box and Yo! MTV Raps.
• 1992-Album, “Realm of Darkness” recognized as album of the month in Rapmasters magazine.
• 1992-Song, “Ain't Nothin' Like a Sister” was number one song in Las Vegas region and other west coast markets for 4-9 weeks.
• 2003-Winner-“Battle of the Iron Mic”
• 2003-4 Time Champion-Emcee Battle @ Wild Hare
• 2003-Winner-1st Annual Kool Mix Emcee Battle
• 2003-3 Time Champion-Microphone War @ Subterranean
• 2004-Represented Chicago in national BRAINSTORM rap battle in Seattle (semi-finalist)
• 2004-2nd Place-Rhyme Spitters emcee battle and documentary (see enclosed DVD…we got shafted!)
• Joined and helped develop veteran hip-hop alliance, “FIGHT CLUB”
• 2005-Begin work on album, “NECESSARY INGREDIENTS.”