Around The Clocks Illstrator is taking the music industry by storm. This 22-year-old Nuyorican lyrical beast hails from the Bronx and has been writing rhymes since age 12. Illstrator quickly developed his emceeing skills spitting in ciphers while attending high school in the Bronx. His rhyme style is extremely versatile and as an artist he stays true to himself.

   As a songwriter, Illstrator has the ability to write about any subject and leaves listeners in awe with his amazing wordplay. Illstrator has performed in many venues and has been featured in the media. Some of the venues where Illstrator has performed include the Five Spot Soul Food Café, Club Pyramid, Pace University and Babalus (in New York City).

   Illstrator has been a featured artist on several local New York City television shows including Street Visionz (Bronx), Mad Cyphas (Manhattan), Sounds of the City (Bronx) and Latin Music Box (Bronx). Things are going well for Illstrator in 2006. He has his mind set on performing, reaching out to his growing fanbase, increasing his media exposure and releasing a solo album (his first). In addition to working on his first album, Illstrator continues to make a name for himself in the underground mixtape circuit. Its no mystery why Illstrator's witty and versatile flow is demanding attention not only from the streets, but also the music industry.