Helbint - rashly determined and focus -Hence a perfect definition that describe this "Super Group" that consist of Keith Moss (Blak Nitty) and Darien Antonio(Red Dog) This graphic tail of poverty and drugs they where force to endure while residing in North Philadelphia (Badlands) section of the city. It is obvious in their verses that the poetic team of Red Dog and Blak Nitty will have memorable quotes through out there career They paint a vivid picture on the cascade of Life, and leave you asking for more on each coming track. Helbint is a group that silenced their critics with songs like 'It's Like Dat' and 'Your Life or Mine', where Blak Nitty say's "You can't deny Helbint".

 Keith Moses(Blak Nitty) -D.O.B. 5/28/71
   Born Keith Moses, Blak Nitty was moved from Charlotte North Carolina to Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, for a better way of life at the age of four. Without the presence of his father, Blak and his mother soon arrived to North Philly to the "Badlands". At this time the eight track cassettes, jumpsuits, and disco were king. An unexpected revolution was being staged. The way people lived there everyday life through rapping , djing , dancing, and graffiti, would soon be known as hip hop. As a child, Keith used this to entertain himself and friends with rhymes he wrote and found it was a good way to impress the girls. Living On Darien and Lehigh Ave., he came up with Darien Antonio (known today as Red Dog) and formed an undeniable friendship that stands today. Forming the group A.K. A ., influenced by Run DMC, Keith, Darien and friend AC preformed there first show at a carnival. After graduated from Thomas Edison High School, Keith looked for direction in life. So he did what had to be done and turned to the streets to support his family, being fortunate not to face incarceration. This mind sparking ,wordsmith who's past pen names included King Kato, and Black, have now had a shadow cast on him by the name Blak Nitty. The name "Nitty" was choose from the notorious gangster Al Capone's right hand man Frank Nitty. Blak describes not only the darkness of his complexion, but also his soul. This name was given to him by his partner Red Dog. Blak describes his style as an asthmatic, 'It's a killer voice that puts heads to rest." He has made an oath to himself that EVERY work he does will be a certified hit. As an entertainer Blak states," I want my music to be remembered as old school and new school "BANGERS". Always interested in breaking through to television Blak received his chance on a episode of COPS on the FOX network. Keith can be seen trying to break up a fight between his baby mom and girlfriend. Keith Remember times when they open for acts like Wu-Tang Clan in 1994 and Philadelphia's own Ram Squad, where the crowd booed Ram Squad so that Helbint could come back on stage. "The adrenaline had me on the edge of my seat." "It's Our Time And We Are Taking It".

 Darien Antonio (Red Dog) -D.O.B. 4/6/73
   Born in North Philly this black and Puerto Rican male was the first born of two, a little sister by another father and himself. He always played the father role in his home because of the absentee father syndrome of the 70s and 80s. For as long as he remember he has always been in the streets, earning him his first run in with the law and causing him to be sent to Pennsylvania juvenile facility Glen Mill at a young age for eighteen months. Red Dog has always been around rap, living in a area where's hip-hop wasn't a word, it was what they were. Block Parties, House Parties, Dj Battle, Emceeing, Graffiti and B-boying. This was his hood. The first rhyme he wrote was called (Always Clocking) when he was in elementary school. He recited it everyday for a year and new then he wanted to be an artist. Red Dog first teamed up with counter part Black when they where teens to form the group A.K. A, Ac Tone/King Kato/Mc Tone(soon after he change his name to Red Dog). After time passed Ac tone left the group, King Kato became Black and the group took the name Helbint. Ruffenz also describe there hunger. The first show he did with Helbint was at a carnival when he came home from Glen Mills and they were rapping like Run D.M.C In "96" they hit the Street with their hot single "BadLandz" distributed by H.M.K. The single did rotation on radio station and was a certified street hit. The group remember times when people used to ride pass them in their cars and be playing there music loud and not know that they were the guys on the song. They new then that they were ready for a professional career. Later, they remix the Single Badlandz and Shot Video for it under Bint Records. Red Bog style is very huskie with a mental vocabulary that attack like a carnivorous animal. He also fall into the realms of some of hip-hop great Mc's with his ability to write music in his head . This is a artist that have a bright future and is destine to make history. Red Dog and Nitty are in a new venture with a young and bright company called Mov-N-U Music (MUM) which whom they are in partnership with(Dog say MUM was a good decision for us because it was good business and Ronald Marshall works hard for us). Red Dog Has three children which whom he love dearly and take care of them himself . He also manages an Ac, Heating Company. Red Dog respect Jay-Z , Young Jeezy, and 50 Cent. He admire there hard work ethic and respect what they do. Growing up in the Badlands was very hard but he survived. The picture 20/20 painted of his neighborhood were very true and he lived it from Glen Mill Juvenile to Camp Hill State prison where he had a short stay. Today Red Dog life is turned toward a new direction that consist of a C Plus Recording Contract