HeSaySheSay are a young and upcoming Boy/Girl Hip Hop Duo. The first of its kind. The group bares strong similarities to some of the great Hip Hop groups of the past with a new and eclectic twist. There strong delivery, slap stick and witty word play combined with there engaging and energetic stage performance is what makes this group stand out. A diamond from the ruff now cut, polished, and ready to be set apart from the rest. Ready to make there mark in this ever changing industry. Ready to be heard. There style and musical content leave listeners filled with intrigue and the unwavering need to hear more. They remind there listeners of what Hip Hop once was and what it will be once again. They are the quintessential group with an unconventional rhyme style.

   HeSaySheSay includes two core members. He Yoggi who hales from St.Louis Missouri and She Betty "Boo" who hales from Wilmington Delaware. Yoggi who spent most of his adolescent life moving from place to place was born in St.Louis and found his way to and from California throughout adulthood spending some time in Colorado, New York, and most recently Atlanta Ga. Betty or "Boo" was born and partially raised in Delaware a small north eastern state strategically located in close proximity to major cities such as Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore, New York, and DC she was no stranger to Hip Hop. She too spent a great deal of her life traveling with her single mother across the country until she found herself deeply rooted in Southern California. The two met on the streets of L.A. where they eventually battled. Yoggi at the time was un-intimidated by the thought of battling a female rapper but was soon humbled during the unanimous defeat by his female opponent. Thrilled with her victory Betty found herself being challenged once again by Yoggi for a rematch. In order to save face and maintain her victorious title she obliged him battling once again being defeated by her male counterpart. The two were able to put aside there difference and call it a draw the result was the birth of one of the best new Hip Hop groups the game has seen since the Fugees.

   HeSaySheSay is the brain child of Yoggi whom always wanted a female in his group that was just as "nice" as himself or any male spitter for that matter and was able to finally find what he was looking for in Betty "Boo." Betty coming from the streets new how important it was to be at the top of her game which is why every day she strives to not only be the best female emcee but to be the best emcee male or female. HeSaySheSay is a force to be reckoned with there hooks, style, and songs are getting better and better and have easily surpassed what is being passed off at the moment as hip hop as far as lyrical content, delivery , and showmanship are concerned. This is rap, hip hop, rhyming, and spitting in its finest and rawest form. First Boy/Girl hip hop Duo many will try, all will fail because there can only be one HeSaySheSay.

   What started out as a rival between two young rap stars has produced nothing short of a miracle. The two formed there group after a rematch battle by the two evening the score between them after the first battle where Boo (the female of the group) basically humiliated Yoggi (the male of the group). But after returning to rematch her and coming out victorious, and most of all even they vowed to never battle again. Both have been friends for many years and consider themselves brother and sister. The two have created a sound that is Fresh and new with an Old school flavor to it. They pride themselves in their ability to stay true to their street roots while creating a new and unique commercial sound which comes through extremely well through their rhymes delivering a clear and vivid picture in the minds of the listeners to enjoy for years to come.