With only one way to make an impeccable entrance into the music industry, Dre Chatman simply requests that he acquire the ears of the world for a matter of seconds to showcase his phraseology through Hip Hop and R&B. A triple threat artist from Baton Rouge, LA, Dre Chatman began developing his love of music at an early age. By the time he was eight, he was already a fan of older and more mature artists such as Anita Baker, Teddy Pendergrass, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, and Luther Vandross. At the age of ten, he began taking a heavy interest in Michael Jackson by listening to some of his earlier compositions, and admiring his stage presence.

   Because of his shyness, Dre never allowed anyone to know or hear him sing, until around his tenth grade year where fellow classmate asked him to perform a duet in a talent show. After a successful performance, Dre rid his stage fright, which later led to a pursuit of a professional music career. As he progressed through the years, Dre started to develop an interest in Hip Hop, and soon began writing personal lyrics. By 18, Dre was composing and recording songs to their entirety, with the help of acquaintances and fellow rappers in a local rap group by the name of 413. Focusing solely on rap music, Dre perfected his writing abilities and also developed his own unique style, jargon, and delivery by using his fellow companions as motivation to push him to the next level.

    At the age of twenty, he began to feel the need to write and record on the solo level, introducing himself to both Rhythm and Blues, as well as Hip Hop by working closely with his brother/producer Ken Chatman, and partnering with photographer/business partner Michea D. Sanders to form Space Dude Music Group. Now Dre Chatman is making his way into the music industry by working on collaborations, mix tapes, radio play and performances. He is currently working on his first album I Wanna Be Heard, which contains both Hip Hop and R&B tracks that are on levels that progress beyond the style Baton Rouge is accustomed to hearing from its artists today.