Emerging into the industry with a unique style and sound, Da Cavalry represent a new faction of hip-hop within an ever-changing genre of music. Suburban South Jersey natives, Da Cavalry or DaCav5, have developed a solid fan following throughout the tri-state area. The members include: B.Roc 23 years old, Benofficial- 23 years old, Lost Soul - 21 years old, and Mikey P 20 years old. Each of the 5 Cavalry members has a unique style within their own, and represent a different component of a group whos style and sound can only be describes as innovative. In blending a diverse combination of musical influences,

   Da Cavalry have developed a musical fusion of hip-hop, rock, and pop. Together since 2000, this unit has put together a collection of independent projects as well as various collaborations with other aspiring artists. The buzz is out, as Da Cavalry have developed a following of thousands of fans without even releasing an official album. But success has not come easy for these 5 friends from South Jersey. Overcoming adversity is a familiar theme for the group, as their rise has been hindered by personnel changes, and geographical relocations. But despite the obstacles, Da Cavalry maintains a group chemistry that is rare within the entertainment industry.

   "We have a great deal of love and respect for each other, and we all understand the focus and effort needed to be successful, thats why whenever we are together we are all on the same page", explains Da Cavalrys lead lyricist B.Roc. The group has set the stage for a grand production of music, art, and entertainment combined. With a fresh sound, a polished image, and the focus of five soldiers with a call of duty, Da Cavalry are prepared to battle their way into the entertainment industry and put southern New Jersey on the map.