Breezy 4 Sho is a off spring of Sonny Spoon taken control on Dollyhood Records, Roster Breezy have been around music every since the age of 13 years old His older brother Is the CEO, of Dollyhood Records with that said he's from good stock. As Breezy watch how Dollyhood built a house hold name for Sonny Spoon now doing Federal time. As the company worked with T.I., Field Mob, Eight-Ball&MJG, Cee-Lo, Just to name a few and he also seen how everything came about wtih Young Jeezy while Dollyhood work with these artist with Sonny Spoon being the Main Artist at that time Breezy learn alot from just being around waiting for his time.

   So Breezy got in the studio and start doing his thing The first thing he told me he had to get off his chest was Young Jezzy he said Yep that Cat got everyone fool. He Say he is realist. We will see. Sonny Spoon Tried to help him and all Dollyhood get is sneekie dissing from him. So the first song Never For Get Me is For that cat the world is going to Know the real deal. How fake he is. Be On the look out for The Heavyweight Dvd/CD will explain everything. Breezy 4 Sho!!!!!!!