I'm hip hop 4real,no doubt, but in a funky bluezzzy grew up on momma's corn-bread r&b kinda way. Up-lifting, soulful, funky, whatever you wanna call it. All I can say is it's all flava baby.

  Though I produced my first album 'BUILDING MY HOUSE' alone I hope to bring out a few of the talented brotha's on my team for my next project as I'm currently working on my second album I'm da biggdawggg. Yeah da one and only. Ya momma warned you 'bout me. Born and raised in da foot hills of Low-Town where my road dawgs puts it down. The land of pistols and pitt bulls. Home of the shallow grave We do it up raw 'round here. No room for slippin. You got a beat, run it, and hope you don't get run off or run over. Ya dig? On da real, PUEBLO, COLORADO Is a sweet azz spot 4 real. We got what most people missed out on as a kid. Good schools, great parks, lots of cool places to kick it. But then there's that bad element, the bad seed, the ruff crowd, the people you don't wanna get too close to. Those are the folks you don't fool with. That would be me. On ad real, I'm invites yall 2 to hit my spot, listen to da grooves I put on da block and by all means tell me what you think. I'm a grown azz man so be real and keep it clean ok. My kids might read this shit.