Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia in the section of West Oak Lane. You could hear the sounds of gospel music coming from the windows. You would also hear is laugh from a block away. Raised by his grandmother Pat, A.Dot was taught the ways of God, being a gentleman, and to always be respectful. He would often sneak and listen to rap music (Run DMC, MC Lyte, NWA etc.) with his aunt Alesia. As a teen living with his father A. Dot was introduced to another world of music, and way of life R&B. Where he found the wonderful sounds of Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Donny Hathaway, and Phylis Hyman. Through writing in a journal as an outlet, A. Dot found songwriting. His first talent show presented an overwhelming hunger to perform and record. Hopefully his lyrics and style will identify with a situation or feeling that you can relate to and comfort you. What Up world, Welcome to the mind of A.Dot where MUSIC IS LIFE and everything is ALLL-ALRIGHT. Peace