For A Moment; Then


For a moment; my lover,

  Then; my friend you said you'd be Always!

How could I understand the cunning way you used me,     (Red Lady By Pieka)

  This brutality to cruel to comprehend.


For a moment; my beginning,

  Then; my end you soon made that my reality.

So clever of you to pretend your elegance wasn't meant

  To be condescending.


For a moment; my savior,

  Then; my sin you transformed into a glutens addiction.

No changing what we did to be pleased, yet our needs stayed

Away very carelessly indeed.


For a moment my desire was my pleasure,             

  For a moment my life was like living.               

Then my passion was my pain,

  Then my daring was like dying.


For a moment; my love,

  Then, my love was in love with me unconditionally.



Lady Liberty Called On Me

Lady Liberty stay steady,                                           

Liberty without changing.                                                                  

    Clinging to a torch,

    Feigning for the flame.                                            (Photo By Pieka)       

Your word, your sage,

Decisions weighed, decisions made,

    You had it, you own it.                                     

Lady liberty you're free,     

Liberty without dignity.


His eyes, his lie,

Concern real, Concern rise,                    

    He heard it, He knew it.

Lady liberty you're bold,

Liberty without humility.


My grief, my relief,

Shown deceit, shown loyalty,

    I apologize, I'm sorry.

Lady Liberty your fair

Liberty without boundaries.


Advocating all appeals,

Justify slight rewrites.                                                                        

    Liberty without defeat,

    Lady liberty cry mercy.




                                                                            Lonely Is.....

Lonely is that one single moment before death, when everything you're leaving behind, is all that's in sight.

And with your mouth and throat so dry it burns to swallow what's left of your breath, you're unable to scream away the honesty of these scenes.

Silence dictates to those who already covet inner skeletons of another kind, that it's time for every able being to be departing.

Suggesting to let you rest in peace as an excuse to leave you cold and lonely.

Slow and steady each turning back will fake being reluctant in resigning to your glorified right to justify what you've let lie by the waste-side.

If only to save you from shame and disgrace, as they look upon the shallow face that you once claimed,\
which has since been cleansed in the burden of mistakes made.

Confusions left untold, love left unknown, lists left undone, wonders left unseen, mysteries left unsolved, life left unlived.

As you're surfacing that sole remaining breaking wave, only this solitaire thought is left lingering with you, "It's a shame really, a damn shame this is how it's all ending".

Lonely is that crippling chill as it climbs up your spine, and sticks to your bones.

The intention of this intensity is to be paralyzing to your body,
weakening all six or your senses and draining all the energy thats fueling your ability to think clearly.

Leaving you confused as to why you have this feeling of being stuck, stupid and slightly used.                                                                             

                                                                                   (Face By Pieka)                         
It hits like a strike of light, crashing through a storm that's rising from the heat of the cities streets on a moody summer evening.

The impact of this shocking electric hindrance tingles at first,
then it stings you like a third degree burn,

The pain you're feeling isn't from the delivery of this sudden strike.

It's your unwillingness to relinquish control to an interference with no reference of predictability that sources your strife.

And even though you know it will be gone in the same vein in which it came, the sobriety that shows itself upon your opening eyes, it nothing short of heartbreaking.

In an instant you realize that you can be taken over, taken away,

No longer able to reign your domain.



Lonely is looking up from your cramped up hands in attempt to hold on to that last cigarette, to find the clock is changing from 4:32 in the morning to 4:33.

And with an exhausted body thats barely breathing as it is, you're still attempting to fill your lungs with this addicting toxin.

You Look down at your dragging feet but are unable to see where exactly you've been pacing.

Your eyes are heavy and feel like they are bleeding, bloodshot and swelling up as if your about to cry, but frustration and stress leave you blindly dry.

Before dawn rears its face, you wash away the haze, searching the mirror for anything that seems familiar, to presently be residing.

Not quit ready to give up on rest yet, you look towards another night sky as it passes you by without knowing of your regret.

You know there's only one last hope, only Divinity can can grant you immunity from this insane debauched living

Dropping to your knees, you place your hands together properly and begin begging for his mercy, "Please, please lord help me sleep, let me rest peacefully just one more night before you take me".

The only answer to your plea, is the slightest of light rising from the east.